Week 7

The Oceans Beauties
For this week’s activity, I have decided to write about the ocean. A wonderful, gigantic, nature made swimming pool where no ones notices if you pee in it or not! The ocean is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy quality time with people that make you happy. You can splash, swim, surf, boogie board, and do other amazingly fun activities! Oceans are almost always a transparent gorgeous crystal blue color that have vision underwater that is almost as clear as vision on land! Hawaii’s oceans are one of the most stunning and warm oceans you can swim in.
My family, friends, and I have traveled to Hawaii only three times in which I only remember two trips, however, the scenery was breathtaking. I could surf, swim, and so much more in the lovely teal blue waters. Surfing is my favorite sport and my passion for this activity started when in the Hawaiian sea and easily catching my first wave. After Hawaii I couldn’t stop. I was addicted to surfing because for me, the feeling of gliding on a wave on a warm Saturday morning was more than winning a thousand dollars.
In addition, I explored the oceans when snorkeling. I found it almost magical to be able to see the creatures and majestic plants that live and lurk underwater. I did this twice out of the three times I vacationed at Hawaii because I loved it so much and my first adventure to the island in the first place was when I was only months over one year old. In the future, I strongly plan on taking lessons with two of my best friends, Tea R and Lauren L, to learn to scuba dive. I am excited to learn because after we have been trained, we can scuba dive very deep into the ocean to discover what nature has in store for us! The ocean is without a doubt my favorite part of nature and I couldn’t imagine my mermaid world without it.


Online Survey


1)Do you have a special lunch that you prefer over other types of lunches?

2)Does your family have a meal that is traditional?

3)Do you make your own lunch?

4)Do you sometimes eat breakfast foods for lunch?

5)Do you prefer a sandwich or a thermos-held food?

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Week 5 Activity 4

I visited many interesting blogs and commented on them all. I learned a lot about what people from other countries eat which can be very different than America! Here’s a list of links…

1) I enjoyed an amazing survey and had so much fun commenting with this person because their survey was very fun! http://www.xpress360.net.au/gou19madeleine/2015/11/03/whats-your-favourite-food/comment-page-1/#comment-27
2) Here I commented how I had ever eaten the food this particular person was talking about because she lived in China! https://kidblog.org/class/qd4gabriel/posts/a8qu7zlzw2wjsy9jpsnh75j7q
3) ” I live in America and I actually see people eating roast all the time! I have never preferably chosen roast but I am sure it is absolutely delicious to other people. Thanks for sharing!” https://kidblog.org/class/hd34michaela/posts/9agxvpn1rxpmavcnbry255g40
4) “I have always wanted to visit Korea and when I can, I will take your opinion and try kimchi. I have never tasted it and can’t wait to try it!” https://kidblog.org/class/hd34yebin/posts/5a6u3bwr0e8vvy59i541cdbp6
5) “I really love this survey. Mexican food is by far my favorite type even though I enjoy almost all the other foods you typed in your survey! Thanks for sharing!” http://blog.elanco.org/burkholdz1q/2015/11/05/favorite-food-survey/comment-page-1/#comment-54

Popular American Food

One food I came upon was tater tots! I love tater tots so much and I did not know that they were actually a popular food in America. This is where found this delicious food http://travel.cnn.com/explorations/eat/best-usa-travel/top-50-american-foods-513946 Here are some pictures of tater tots!

Over the Summer

Definitely my favorite time with my family was in Hawaii when we would all relax and achieve a nice tan in the hot sun. Lets take a look:)Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I have permission from my siblings and my parents to share this. This is also copyright to my family.

Loving Family Member

The family member I have decided to share about is my grandma. I was very close with her as well as my mom. She passed away about a year ago and I love her and miss her very much.

My First Week Activity

I have just finished my first week!! My favorite activity was writing about myself. I got to share what I love and enjoy to everyone! Here’s the link:)) http://livtrejo.edublogs.org/2015/10/29/all-about-me/

All About Me

Hello!! My name is Olivia Reece Trejo. I have two siblings, both older than me, and two puppies. I love to surf, dance, and play soccer. I have devoted almost all my life to the activity, dancing in which I recently achieved the title of regional champion two times in a row. Even though I was a late starter, I love to get out to the beach as much as I can. The feeling of catching and wave and riding it all the way down the line is the best feeling possible for me. I traveled to Hawaii and was able to surf and swim with sea turtles. My favorite food is definitely salmon because I love fish! My favorite restaurant is called Tatsuki. I love this restaurant because their sushi is amazing and they cook it right in front of you! I have more than 1 favorite band and most of them were popular in earlier years such as Talking Heads, Queen, Journey, and a more modern bad, called Glass animals. My favorite book is definitely “Paper Towns” because it explores new elements of adventure. I love literature and can’t wait to learn more.

Online vs. Offline

I am actually quite different online than I am offline.  Online I am usually very formal due to writing letters or responding to emails. On the other hand, I am silly, loud, and crazy when living my daily life off of the internet.